House Designs

Home Renovations

You’re planning a home renovation to perhaps improve the kitchen or bathroom or add an extra bedroom. Our house designs service will bring these ideas to life. Specialising in concept design architecture, we can offer high quality designs for a fraction of the price.

New Build - House Designs

You've bought a site and are ready to start designing the home of your dreams. But where do you start? We can help, our new build house designs service provide ideas and concept designs with price certainty and no commitments.

Feasibility Study

How many houses, townhouses or units can you fit on a site? Can you subdivide? Our house designs service can be adapted to provide you with a comprehensive feasibility study. This will allow you to explore these ideas and opportunities to maximise your investment.

Selling Houses

Your home has an awkward layout or needs some work? But you need to sell now? Use our house designs service and sell with plans so your buyers can visualise what is possible to add value. Instead of doing the work yourself, you can just easily show your buyers the potential that they can unlock if they buy your house with plans.

Commercial Design

So we are not just limited to our house designs service, but we're also experienced in multiple commercial concept design projects. Including retail, office, multi-story residential, accommodation, townhouses, bar and restaurant fit-outs. Any commercial project you need scoping and initial planning we can help.


We're not limited to your house designs project, but can also take that step further and consider your external environment. From simple back yard landscaping concepts, decking to enhance views, incorporating unique pathways and swimming pools, to complex grand scale public spaces, we're experienced in all sorts landscaping projects.

House Designs Service

We provide an online house designs service for your renovation project, your new build on an empty site, feasibility studies and commercial projects. Because of our unique remote e-design structure, we can offer you these high quality specialist architectural services without the price tag. If you're not sure if we provide the right service for you, please contact us to confirm. We will provide you with free, honest advice. If we believe your project is best suited to other professionals in the industry we will gladly recommend others we know and trust for you to work with.

Why Our House Designs Service?

Price Certainty

With our simple three step process and packages, you know exactly what you will get for your budget.

Designs You Own

All concept designs are your intellectual property so you will be provided with all of the house design files. You can then take these to get quoted and to further develop for consent.

Modern House Designs

We are up to date on the latest house design trends and can adapt our style given your aesthetic preferences.