Home Design Brief Process

How do we understand your needs?

Home Design Brief Process

To get started we require the following information.

  1. A written brief. We have a few questions (below) we need you to answer to give us a good idea of what you want. This is also a very good exercise for couples to put on paper all of their home design aspirations. Often they have ideas in their head but haven't yet articulated them. The design brief process ensures everyone involved is on the same page. Which is not always easy!
  2. A visual brief. We will ask you to create and share with us a Pinterest Board. This will help us clearly understand what sort of aesthetic style you like. Or if you don't use Pinterest, you can simply share images with us.
  3. Floor plans.  For a home renovation we would need access to any existing floor plans. If you don't have these, we can also source them from local council.
  4. Photos and Video. We ask that you provide photos and video of your existing house.

How do we know what you want?

We have a thorough home design brief process. Regardless of where in the world you live, we can effectively gather all the information to understand your design requirements. With any bespoke design, it is crucial to get the briefing right at the start. This way we can ensure that we can provide you with the best result that accurately captures your design goals. It's an exciting time and this should be a fun part of the process as you see your ideas brought to life.

Download Design Brief Doc

Brief Questionnaire

The below set of questions helps us to get a clear understanding of your design goals and aspirations. If you want to add more information please feel free. Remember that the more information we get the better we can understand your needs.



  • What sort of building do you want? / For example, family home, holiday Bach, workshop, retail store, cafe, pub, etc.
  • How do you want the building to feel in the environment? / For example - fit in with the surrounding nature and other buildings or standout and be noticed. To be super modern with a lot of glass or private and understated, etc.
  • List your room requirements - how many bedrooms, bathrooms (ensuites), living rooms, etc. do you want? / For example, Family home 3 bedrooms, 1 large shared bathroom with a bath and separate shower & 1 ensuite attached to the master bedroom with just a shower & toilet.



  • How would you describe your preferred architectural design style? /For example - formal, modern, casual, art deco, Hamptons, French country, Scandinavian, retro, country, minimalist or a combination of styles.
  • Do you prefer hard surface floors? / For example wooden floors or concrete? Area rugs or wall-to-wall carpet?



  • What relationships between rooms and spaces are important?  / For example, you may want the kitchen open to the dining and living spaces or you may want your bedrooms separate from the master bedroom in separate wings. You may want a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite that is all connected, etc.
  • How long do you plan to live in this house? / Are there any future proofing considerations?
  • Who will be living in the house? / Please consider people, pets, and potential guests.
  • What activities are important for you to take place in the building? / For example, a space to play music, a cinema to watch movies, a space to read and write, an office to work, entertaining guests, etc.



  • What are your priorities for the kitchen? / For example, how important is the kitchen and cooking to you? Is the kitchen the hub of the house? Is a large pantry and storage important to you? Do you want an island bench, breakfast bar, butlers pantry, dining table integrated, U shape, L shape, galley kitchen design, or don’t mind? Any special requirements for the kitchen please outline here.



  • What are your priorities for the bathroom? / For example, must have separate bath and shower or happy with shower over bath? Must have tiles and entry level shower, storage, mirrors, etc.



  • What are your priorities for the bedrooms? / For example, size, storage, connection or privacy i.e. master bedroom away from other bedrooms, etc. Walk-in wardrobe/? Type and sizes of beds (Queens, Doubles, Singles, California King, etc)? It would be helpful if you could please list each bedroom and the details your require for each.



  • What are your priorities for the living area/s? / For example, open plan, or a separate space. Views, fireplace, entertaining, children play area, size, window seat, connection to outdoors, etc.
  • Is TV a focus, occasional, or not important at all?



  • Are any out buildings part of the scope of work? / For example, garage, car port, guest house, barn, pool house, garden shed?
  • What are your aspirations for the outdoor spaces? / For example a large decking area to entertain or a covered patio to enjoy the views, etc.
  • What type of claddings do you like? / For example cedar weatherboards, concrete walls, metal cladding, zinc, stone, brick, painted weatherboards, fibre cement cladding (i.e. Linea, Titan facade), etc. How cost effective and how important is maintenance to you?
  • What views are important and what kind of connection do you want to establish to the outdoors? / For example maximise the views towards the mountains on the west and the main living areas to enjoy the afternoon sun.




  • Do you have any special design considerations or features that will influence the design? / For example sustainability, energy efficiency, prefabrication, etc.
  • Are there any special design or accessory features that are important to you? / For example fireplace, glazing heights, window seats, etc?



  • Did we leave anything out? / Please use this space to add in anything you think is important that we haven’t already given you the chance to add.