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As you can see from our portfolio we have worked on a wide range of homes, bachs and buildings. Not only do we design house plans for empty sites, but also for existing homes in need of renovations. We can also provide bespoke designs for your commercial project and any landscaping projects big or small. Click on the below link so you can see more details on our various house plan services.

Our Designs Services

House Plans Portfolio

Custom Designs

We're very proud of all the work we've done for our clients. Our portfolio of house plans are all custom designed in order to suit our individual clients needs. Our bespoke designs take into consideration our clients specific brief, which outlines their design priorities, goals and aspirations.

The briefing process

To understand exactly what our clients need we have a very thorough briefing process so as to ensure we're all on the same page before we start creating your unique custom house designs. With any customised professional service, to ensure you get what you want, more is more in terms of the information you can provide.

We have a detailed briefing questionnaire that not only clarifies what you need for our purposes, but also for yourself and anyone else (partner) that may also be invested in this project. Often it is not until you put all your ideas down on paper that you may discover you have opposing opinions. Therefore its all these ideas, details and opinions that need to be worked out before moving forward with your brief.

We also ask for image references so we can get a thorough visual brief and idea of your aesthetic style preferences. And if required we could also have an over the phone or Skype briefing conversation so we can ask you any questions and get clarity.

Design Feedback

We not only do our research in terms of ensuring we design to brief, but we also listen to your feedback. As any good designer does, we have strong opinions and a lot of experience in what works. So if your changes wouldn't work the best for the project we would let you know. However we also understand that this is your home, and your ideas. So we will make all changes you need so that you're completely happy with the final result.

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