Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?

We have three pricing package options and this price assurance is just one of the reasons our clients love us. There is no pressure to continue with the project, just take it one stage at a time and cost effectively explore your design options for your new build or home renovation.

How will you know what I want?

We have a thorough briefing process. The first and very important stage in the process is called briefing and information gathering. At this stage we will need four things from you:

    1. A written brief - you will need to fill in our briefing questionnaire. This will ensure that we know exactly what you want and need from your space we need you to fill in a detailed questionnaire.
    2. A visual brief - We will ask you to create and share with us a Pinterest Board. This will help us clearly understand what sort of aesthetic style you like. Or if you don't use Pinterest, you can simply share images with us.
    3. Floor plan of your home - if you don’t have these on hand don’t worry you won’t have to draw these for us (unless you want to). These can be purchased from your local council for a minimal fee. If you’re unsure of how to do this we can help you in this process.
    4. Photos and video of your home - Photos and video of the existing rooms and/or exterior so we can understand the spaces you want to improve.

What do I get?

Based on the information, plans and images you provide, we will create for you a custom designed plan. Your project will be delivered via email in PDF format and if you choose the Stage 3 package you will also receive a 3D Sketchup model of your chosen design delivered via Dropbox. See our Portfolio for examples of the PDF presentations you will receive.

How long does it take?

After we receive your brief we will provide you with an estimated time frame. If you have an urgent deadline, depending on our existing workload we can also turn things around quickly for you.

What if I don’t like my design?

We understand that the design process can be subjective and sometimes things are missed or misinterpreted. That is why we have a thorough briefing process so we can often mitigate this issue from happening. Even still sometimes we can miss the mark. We are happy (to an extent) to revisit the design and change so you are happy with it. However it is a discussion of give and take and to be fair if we missed a crucial part of your brief we will happily rectify the situation by amending the design free of charge. If however you’ve changed your mind and changed the brief, this extra work may incur an extra charge.