Why Us

Architects add value through design

Why concept designs architecture?

We understand that most people have reservations about using an architect because they instantly assume it will be very expensive. Most architects will do an amazing job, adding value to your project with good ideas. But most architects also expect to complete the project from start to finish, with an expensive hourly rate. And we arguably believe that architects add the most value during the concept design phase, which is why we chose to create a service that only focuses on concept design. All parts of the home renovation and new build process are important, but we believe that getting the concept design right at the start could be the MOST important. Great design will ensure you explore the full potential of your project, adding maximum value. Why do we just do this part of the process? We love architecture and we want to make bespoke architecture affordable. We decided to specialise in just concept designs because we love this part of the creative process in which we help our clients visualise their ideas and make them a reality. We are also passionate about wellness and architecture. Stefan’s goal is to foster wellness through the medium of architecture . He believes that architecture has an important place in society to protect and enhance living. To create an environment in which the person experiencing the space feels in flow with their purpose, lifestyle and energy. Architecture is meant to enhance and improve the activity that happens in that space.


Need ideas?

You have some idea of what you want but not sure how to get your ideas on paper. We can help you explore options for your renovation or new build.


We believe the role of architecture is to improve and foster the human condition using design as a catalyst for wellness.

Want to know how much it will cost?

You just want to know how much your build or renovation will cost, but you need plans to get quoted? We are your best first step to scope what is possible and to then get a build quote.

Our Expertise

Stefan is originally from Chile and completed his Architecture degree in Victoria University in Wellington. He is a senior designer with over 13 years’ experience in the New Zealand architecture industry working for several important architecture firms. He has varied experience in designing and documenting small to large scale residential,commercial and community projects. Stefan is proficient in detailing complex structures and producing beautiful 3D plans and images that allow anyone to visualise the architectural design concepts he produces. He is passionate about designing for wellness and believes the role of architecture is to improve and foster the human condition using design as a catalyst for wellness.

Home Renovations
New Build

Modern Design

We are up to date on the latest design trends and can adapt our style given your aesthetic preferences.

Price Assurance

With our simple 3 step process and packages, you know exactly what you will get for your budget.

Methods and Materials

We are up to date on the latest construction methods and use of materials.

You Control the Design

We listen to you, we provide our opinion and advice, however ultimately you make the final decision.

Wellness Design

With a bit of care and clever planning every space can enhance the sense of well-being improving the sensorial experience of inhabiting a space.

Designs You Own

All concept designs are your intellectual property so you will be provided with all the files. You can then take these to get quoted and to further develop for consent.