VLOG – The Architect’s Design Process – A Love Hate Relationship


The Architect’s Design Process – Love Hate Relationship

Below is the word for word transcript of the above video:

For me (The Architect’s Design Process) is a love-hate relationship
I’ve got very high aspirations and sometimes I think 
I don’t want to come up with something very mediocre
or a copy or something that I did before.
Because that will be very disappointing
so it’s like you get an idea, then you approach it
and then you just can’t get it out!
Then you try and try and try and try and
think “Oh my gosh, this isn’t going to work”
Then you hate it and you keep pushing
until you just unblock and you find the
flow and then things fit into place and
then you realize, geez this is it.
But you’re gonna try a lot of different
options to get to that point. But
when you get there, it’s a big
relief it’s a big enjoyment and then showing
it to the clients it’s like oh you’re
pretty excited. And you think “are they going to like it?”
Then you present it to them
and they like it! It’s like the most
exciting thing ever, and that’s the part that I like

Stefan Beconcini

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