VLOG – Choosing an architect is like choosing a restaurant


Choosing an architect is like choosing a restaurant

Below is the word for word transcript of the above video – Choosing an architect is like choosing a restaurant:

I think choosing an architect is like choosing a meal.
You’re gonna choose a restaurant, well how are you gonna choose it?
You do some research, alright you know how much you want to
spend, all right and you know what flavor you wanna eat.
Okay so flavor so get their portfolio and you think
really like the stuff they do.
Then think, how much money do I want to spend?
You may think, “Oh geez these guys do super fancy or beautiful stuff but they’re too
expensive.” So it’s like going to a seven-course three-star Michelin restaurant.
If you can afford it, go for it man! I would go for it.
But if you can’t (afford that),
then find the right professional that offers you:
  • the flavor that you want (style, design, portfolio)
  • for the price that you want and
  • if you see a lot of people eating there, (reviews, popular) then it’s probably because it’s good.

That’s how I would choose my architect.

Stefan Beconcini

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