VLOG – How an architect can understand their client’s brief


How an architect can understand their client’s brief

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I was actually watching TV, watching this
documentary about Jim Carrey
inhabiting, becoming his character.

So in some way I think a successful architect is the
one that can understand the client, and they can see
the potential of ideas and see the clients
brief and craft it in a way that
exceeds their expectations.

In some way you’ve got to┬áinhabit the client, you’ve got
to see and guess and design something that they
are going to love.

So I’m not designing for me,
you’ve got to design for the client. I think
that’s a problem, a lot of people design
for themselves. They want to win
awards they wanna do it their own way and you
get the very stroppy architect.

You’re designing for the client so you’ve got to
push them so they get a little bit out of their comfort
zone. But you can find the right balance
in which you’re gonna take what they want and
you’re gonna make it better and you’re gonna make it
custom and bespoke so they’re gonna love it.


Stefan Beconcini

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